New Catalog from Rowman & Littlefield

As I noted last week, I am trying to keep up to date more with book releases. Rowman & Littlefield released a new catalog. The bulk of the books are for museums, but there’s some archives in there as well. Note that it’s not all new books, but some new and others released within the past couple of years. Happy browsing!


New Book: Latinos in Libraries, Museums, and Archives

From the Rowman and Littlefield website:

Latinos in Libraries, Museums, and Archives: Cultural Competence in Action! An Asset-Based Approach
Patricia Montiel-Overall; Annabelle Villaescusa Nuñez, Verónica Reyes Escudero

Written by three experienced LIS professionals, Latinos in Libraries, Museums, and Archives demonstrates the meaning of cultural competence in the everyday work in libraries, archives, museums, and special collections with Latino populations. The authors focus on their areas of expertise including academic, school, public libraries, health sciences, archives, and special collections to show the importance of understanding how cultural competence effects the day-to-day communication, relationship building, and information provision with Latinos. They acknowledge the role of both tacit and explicit knowledge in their work, and discuss ways in which cultural competence is integral to successful delivery of services to, communication with, and relationship building with Latino communities.