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New/Recent Scholarship: Various Publications

A collaborative web platform for sound archives management and analysis” Web Audio Conference WAC-2017
Thomas Fillon and Guillaume Pellerin

Becoming a Co-archivist. ReDoing Archival Practices for Democratising the Access to and Participation in Archives
Elisabet M. Nilssona and Sofie Marie Ottsen Hansenb

NASA’s Long-Term Astrophysics Data Archives
L. Rebull, V. Desai, H. Teplitz, S. Groom, R. Akeson, G. B. Berriman, G. Helou, D. Imel, J. M. Mazzarella, A. Accomazzi, T. McGlynn, A. Smale, and R. White

NDP at Three Report
Institute of Museum and Library Services

‘Civil disobedience’ in the Archive: Documenting women’s activism and experience through the Sheffield Feminist Archive
Sadler, R. and Cox, A.M

ETH Zurich’s Collections and Archives: Scientific Heritage for Future Research
Habel, Thilo; Wiederkehr, Stefan

Bridging Fan Communities and Facilitating Access to Music Archives through Semantic Audio Applications” Audio Engineering Society E-Library
Wilmering, Thomas; Thalmann, Florian; Fazekas, György; Sandler, Mark B.

Staffing for Effective Digital Preservation 2017: An NDSA Report
Contributors: Winston Atkins, Carol Kussmann, Katherine Kim


New Issue: Information & Culture

Current Issue: Volume 52, Number 3 (Aug/Sept 2017)
(abstracts available, full issue through Project Muse)

Computing and the Environment: Introducing a Special Issue of Information & Culture
Nathan Ensmenger and Rebecca Slayton

“From Clean Rooms to Dirty Water: Labor, Semiconductor Firms, and the Struggle over Pollution and Workplace Hazards in Silicon Valley”
Christophe Lécuyer

“Data, Power, and Conservation: The Early Turn to Information Technologies to Manage Energy Resources”
Julie Cohn

“‘Governmentalities’ of Conservation Science at the Advent of Drones: Situating an Emerging Technology”
Lisa Avron


New/Recent Scholarship: Articles

Standards for Archives” Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology Volume 43, Issue 2, December/January 2017
Morag Boyd

A Community-Driven Metadata Framework for Describing Cultural Resources: The Digital Library North Project” Cataloging and Classification Quarterly, Volume 55, 2017
Sharon Farnel ORCID Icon, Ali Shiri, Sandra Campbell, Cathy Cockney, Dinesh Rathi & Robyn Stobbs

Preservation practices of new media artists: Challenges, strategies, and attitudes in the personal management of artworks” Journal of Documentation, Volume 73 Issue 4, 2017
Colin Post

Value Co-Creation in Archival Resources: Exploring the Feature of National Archives of Bangladesh (NAB)’s Open Access Project” International Journal of Library and Information Services (IJLIS) 6(2)
Md. Mukhlesur Rahman (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Nomi, Japan), Toufiq Ahmed (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Nomi, Japan) and Kunio Shirahada (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Nomi, Japan

Development of Digital Libraries in India: a Survey of Digital Collection of National Digital Library of India” International Research: Journal of Library and Information Science 7 No. 2 (June 2017)
Mohd Iqbal Bhat

Among Drowned Lives: Digital Archives and Migrant Memories in the Age of Transmediality” Auto/Biography Studies 32 No. 3, Special Issue: Excavating Lives (2017)
Alice Cati & Maria Francesca Piredda

Researching Researchers: Meeting Changing Researcher Needs in a Special Collections Environment” New Review of Academic Librarianship Vol. 23 , Iss. 2-3,2017
Francesca Baseby

The Building Blocks of History” Greater Faculties: A Review of Teaching
and Learning
Nicole Martin

Introduction: The Politics of Archives,” Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies Vol. 53 no. 3
Bettina Brandt and Valentina Glajar

Radicalizing the Digital Humanities: Reimagining Environmental Justice Research and Teaching” Radical Teacher: A Socialist, Feminist, and Anti-Racist Journal on the Theory and Practice of Teaching Vol. 109
Stevie Ruiz, Maira Areguin, Eduardo Estrada, Jesus Jimenez, Diane Lopez, Karla Sanchez, Janet Valenzuela

Aboriginal voices in government records 1838-1968” Agora Vol. 52 no. 3
Georgia Harris

Social activism in the United States: Digital collection and primary sources,” College & Research Library News Vol. 78 no. 8
Jennifer Kaari

When Archives and Libraries Collaborate: One Institution Benefiting Another,” South Carolina Libraries, Vol. 3 no. 1
Shannon Smith

A Baseline Search Engine for Personal Life Archives
Liting Zhou, Duc-Tien Dang-Nguyen, Cathal Gurrin

Did it count?: Preservice teachers’ reflections on teaching with primary sourcesSocial Studies Research and Practice
Deborah Lynn Morowski and Theresa M. McCormick

Global Digital Culture| Poor Images, Ad Hoc Archives, Artists’ Rights: The Scrappy Beauties of Handmade Digital Culture” International Journal of Communication Vol. 11
Laura U. Marks

Running With the Ball? Making a Play for Sport Heritage Archives in Higher Education Contexts” International Journal of Heritage Studies
Geoff Kohe

Recent Issue: The Reading Room

The Reading Room: A Journal of Special Collections is now available for download.

Volume 2 | Issue 2 – (Full Issue, Spring 2017)

Bringing Art to the Library: An Undergraduate Art Education Collaborative with the Curriculum Materials Center
Karen Nourse Reed, Middle Tennessee State University

Making the Case for Brown University’s Stamp Collections
Sarah Dylla, Rhode Island School of Design and Steven Lubar, Brown University

A Model for Surfacing Hidden Collections: The Rescuing Texas History Mini-Grant Program at the University of North Texas Libraries
Marcia McIntosh, Jacob Mangum, and Mark E. Phillips, University of North Texas

Literary Manuscripts in the Classroom: Using Manuscript Collections to Engage Undergraduate Students
Libby Hertenstein, Bowling Green State University

What was Old is New Again: Managing Streaming Archival Films on Multiple Hosted Platforms
Jessica Clemons, University at Buffalo, and Reed Bresson, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Recent Issue: Manuscript Studies

Manuscript Studies: A Journal of the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript StudiesSpring 2017 Vol. 2.1

Justin McDaniel

Illuminating Archives: Collectors and Collections in the History of Thai Manuscripts
Justin McDaniel

Henry D. Ginsburg and the Thai Manuscripts Collection at the British Library and Beyond
Jana Igunma

Cultural Goods and FlotsamEarly Thai Manuscripts in Germany and Those Who Collected Them
Barend Jan Terwiel

Thai Manuscripts in Italian LibrariesThree Manuscripts from G. E. Gerini’s Collection Kept at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”
Claudio Cicuzza

Manuscripts in Central Thailand: Samut Khoi from Phetchaburi Province
Peter Skilling and Santi Pakdeekham

Manuscripts from the Kingdom of Siam in Japan 
Toshiya Unebe

The Chester Beatty Collection of Siamese Manuscripts in Ireland
Justin McDaniel

Siamese Manuscript Collections in the United States
Susanne Ryuyin Kerekes and Justin McDaniel


The Medieval Manuscript Book: Cultural Approaches eds. by Michael Johnston and Michael Van Dussen (review)
Benjamin C. Tilghman

A Descriptive Catalogue of the Greek Manuscript Collection of Lambeth Palace Library by Christopher Wright et al. (review)
Georgi Parpulov
Christine de Pizan in Bruges: “Le livre de la cité des dames” as “Het Bouc van de Stede der Vrauwen” (London, British Library, Add. 20698) by Orlanda S. H. Lie et al. (review)
Hanno Wijsman

Borthwick Institute for Archives by York’s Archbishops’ (review)
Alexander Devine

Beyond Words: Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections by Jeffrey F. Hamburger et al., and: Beyond Words: Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections eds. by Jeffrey F. Hamburger et al. (review)
Jessica Brantley

Recent Issue: Past & Present

While this is not an archives journal, they had a special issue about archives.

Past & Present, Volume 230, Issue suppl_11, 2016





New/Recent Scholarship: Various Publications

‘Reacting to the Past:’ How to Use and Assess Role Playing Games in American History
Jennifer Hanley

Novel Ideas: Archives in English-Canadian Literary Life and Fiction, 1960-2017
Chantel Fehr (thesis)

A Splendid Torch: Learning and Teaching in Today’s Academic Libraries
Jodi Reeves Eyre, John C. Maclachlan, and Christa Williford, editors (CLIR Report)

Migrating Web Archives from HTML4 to HTML5: A Block-Based Approach and Its Evaluation” ADBIS 2017: Advances in Databases and Information Systems (conference proceedings)
Andrés Sanoja, Stéphane Gançarski

Optimization Process of Compiling and Researching Archives in Universities
Under the Background of Information Sharing” 2017 3rd International Conference on Social Science, Management and Economics (SSME 2017)
Wang Ling

Born Digital Access Research Project
Kathryn Antonelli, Will Clements, Valencia Johnson
Princeton University Rare Books and Special Collections
Graduate Fellows, Summer 2017